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Is this Arkansas man a serial killer?

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Steven Alan King of Searcy, Arkansas

Steven Alan King of Searcy, Arkansas

Charges filed by State of Arkansas relating to this incident.

Near tragedy hit close to home in TexArville when a kidnapping in progress was averted. The harrowing ordeal began at the victims home in Carlisle, Arkansas of Lonoke County and ended near the home of the kidnapper in White County near Searcy, Arkansas.

As we know the victim personally we are privy to a first-hand account of the events.

At about 6:25 p.m. on Sunday March 31, 2013, in a “frantic” 911 call, a woman said her 57-year-old boyfriend had been taken from their residence on North Walter Chapel Road in Carlisle at gunpoint, according to a news release.

She told responding deputies that two men came to the house and said they were looking for a dog and then revealed handguns, at which point she and her boyfriend ran out the back door of the home and into an adjacent field, the release states.

According to police, the woman said neither she nor her boyfriend knew the two men, who also took the victim’s white Ford van.

At about 9:37 p.m., White County deputies found the abducted man on Bostic Road in White County, where he earlier had been tied up inside of a vehicle.

He was able to escape from the vehicle and run to a nearby home where he called for help, police said.

The first-hand account is frightening but it brings to mind more questions than answers.

The kidnapper said many things to his victim; things he might only say to someone he believes will not live to repeat. He boasted of murder and other exploits as well as power to get away with it. He even displayed a badge to the victim. The kidnapper shocked the victim repeatedly with a cattle prod during the three hour ordeal and made clear his intention to kill him. The kidnapper told his victim "deer hunting has become so boring I prefer to hunt people".

The victim was blind-folded and left in truck in a barn where he was able to use a pocket knife to aid his escape.  When he made his escape, the victim was hunted by several others with guns working in concert with the kidnapper.

The victim made his was to a nearby mobile home and asked the lady who answered the door to call 911. On hearing the lady turn to someone in the trailer and say, "call Steve and tell him what's going on." The victim started to run again as the lady tried to coerce him to return.

At around the same time the victim was making his escape; the Lonoke County police had deployed a helicopter and were tracking the location of the victim's girlfriend's cell phone, which was in her purse when it was stolen at the scene of the home invasion and kidnapping.

The victim did finally find refuge from where he was rescued.

King property-210 Bostic  Searcy Ar - overhead

Is there a good ole boy network already trying to tamp down the investigation?

1) Who is Steven Alan King?

2) Does he have a history of violence? The kidnapper told the victim he has killed others.

3) What other real property does Steven King (the kidnapper) own in the area? He told victim he has a 5 acre parcel of land he would be transporting him to.

3) Is a Good ole Boy network at work here? - The victim recounts that the first responding Searcy police officer seemed, "chummy with the kidnapper" and appeared to be directing the Police helicopter responding to the kidnapping from Lonoke County in the wrong direction on purpose. The kidnapper's son is a member of the Searcy Police Department.

4) Who was the second man involved in the kidnapping? The Searcy police showed the victim an accurate picture of the second man initially but subsequent pictures shown were of a different man. The victim describes him as 6'4" around 260 lbs. and heard him referred to as "Bobo". Does he sound familiar?

Arkansas Online has posted a video of second suspect.

Kidnapping accomplice is Jerry Allen Sarrels.

Jerry Allen Sarrels




Link to unrelated recent arrest of Sarrels: Two Searcy Men Arrested for Theft

Maybe the Arkansas State Police or the FBI should take up the case. We at TexArville hope so and will be following the investigation.

Charges filed by State of Arkansas relating to this incident against Steven A. King & Jerry Allen Sarrells - 2013

Charges filed in abduction case-crop

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